Van Culture
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we made it back! alive! just like the movie.

oh, except jesse (we had to eat him (just like the movie)).

anyway, it occurs to us that you may be wondering, “hey, bella’s bartok, just what exactly is it like to be on tour?” since there is not yet any kind of way to blog smells, we shall do the next best thing: sounds! (zounds!)

just for fun, here are three minutes of the countless hours we spent barreling down the interstate at seventy miles to the hour in our precious van-essa. you gotta picture that for it to work.


oy vey. where did we leave off? ah, our newfound love for chicago. we’ll call her. we swear.


here in the post-apocalyptic desert wasteland, bartok is king

after stopping at some great lakes on the way out, we went to oberlin, ohio, which is *exactly* like amherst in every way. incidentally, there’s an amherst in like every state, and we made it a point to go to all of them. ours is the best.


desert dogs

dogs love us

i believe it was in oberlin that we realized we have spent enough consecutive time together that we are no longer suited to participate in human society. we would like go out to a bar and within five minutes become the weirdos in the back trying to work out a high-pitched four-part harmony. van culture is different from your culture.

so anywhooo, we moved on to buffalo, which is a sad but beautiful place, and played the weirdest show of all time. it started with a guy who played a bunch of bach on piano wearing increasingly cumbersome gloves until, by the end, he had boxing gloves on (it sounded uhhhh… great…). then a professor gave a lecture on eating placenta. then a comedian dressed as a mummy made intentionally awful jokes. then homebody! then us. it was *fucking* strange. oh also there was a guy doing caricatures for a dollar. we had him do one of jesse.


jesse painting

he got every detail exactly perfect


oberlin college’s slogan

a show in albany, and then we made it home several days later at three in the morning. mark was still awake, so we all drank a lot of beer and told him about our adventures and wrote a new song about driving down the highway without pants on. [scholar’s note: this song later turned into “wanderin'”, aka “i’m on the road again”.]


– Fancy K

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    Slam dunkin like Shaquille O’Neal, if he wrote inomrfative articles.

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