…then a bunch of bullshit happened
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we have seen things. things that’ll change a man. will we all return with Post Tour Stress Disorder, unceasingly shivering in imagined coldness, forevermore prone to leaping in anxious fright toward the nearest window at the mere mention of this… bella’s bartok? the question remains unanswerable.

green jesse

whenever we try to celebrate anything, we turn it into halloween

or, more accurately, the answer is no, we are having THE BALLS of a time (it’s like having a ball, twice).

we played in wassaic on whacking day (formerly known as saint patrick’s day) in the appropriate dress, which is to say how we always dress, which is to say like irish peasant farmers.

we engaged in some good irish chicanery such as drinking a lot and eating a bunch of raw potatoes on stage. we did a rousing rendition of finnegan’s wake, and by way of introducing it, I first read aloud the entire book by james joyce.

en route to chicago we were defeated by snow and had to survive the night inside the bellies of three gazelles (we shared). the problem, though, with all the true kodak moments such as these is that since we are all involved, there’s no one to take a picture.

so instead here’s a bunch of bullshit that happened in between.




“what happened, buddy? you swallow an ANGEL?” – asher


it is human nature to mimic

fur coat

oy vey i’m shvitzin over here (wardrobe by donatella versace, gazelles)


a once shirtless screaming fan is clothed


jesse leaps. but how does it end?


eventually, like this.


and a one

one two

and a two

one two three

ta daaaa

crepe him

we crêped klaiber. we crêped him good.


could this be the end of jesse putnam?

so sad

so sad.

kiss from a rose

iiiiiiiii’ve beeeeeen kissed by a rose












guest check

order up





















oh i promise we’ll take good pictures of stuff that’s actually relevant real real soon. saw-REE if we’re having too much fun.

– Fancy

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