Come On Feel The Illinoise!
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no wonder sufjan stevens has like hell of songs about chicago. it’s THE GREATEST.

i have a crush on this city. we all do. if you know her, don’t tell her. if you don’t, she’s that wonderful, humble girl who sits in the back of class. you’ve never found her terribly attractive and you think you know everything about her before you’ve ever even talked to her. when, one day, you do, you realize she’s as complex and interesting as anyone, but what really gets you is her unwavering kindness. after a few days you want to see her again, and you call her and she answers and your heart jumps a little as you realize you’re starting to fall for her, this girl you once had no interest in. you tell your friends, but they don’t understand; they just see her as the quiet girl in the back of class. heh, just look how chicago brings out the romance in us…

what i’m trying to say by way of rich and rewarding allegory is that chicago is new york with nice people. for example:


ah, to be in love

i ran a stop sign (they have four way stop signs instead of lights, to encourage cooperation (we could learn from this)), and instead of honking and waving golf clubs out the window at me, people waved their hands and smiled.

we had breakfast, and instead of the waitress being like “why in hell are you even in my restaurant?!”, she was like “here are some free smoothies made from oatmeal”.

we didn’t get lost, even with asher driving.

and so much more, but the point is that we may very well just stay here in the warm bed of our new lover.

also, they have mickey’s grenades.

– Fancy K

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